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Concrete Cutting
Egress Windows

Diamond cutting of concrete structures
Diamond cutting of concrete and concrete structures in Victoria with diamond-coated crowns allows you to perform work of any complexity in a short time. The tool adapts to different formats of work surfaces - with limited space, sheer hard-to-reach areas, right next to the floor and ceiling. When performing various construction tasks, there are no vibrations and, unlike a hammer drill, there are no chips and cracks, minimal dust formation. The conditions do not affect the quality of the work surface finish, and no further sanding is required.
Quality and reliability
Equipment for diamond cutting allows you to carry out all the necessary work by one-sided sawing. This protects the walls from all kinds of damage.
Speed and precision
High speed of work. Smooth edges of cut-out openings - no chips. Lack of the likelihood of cracks and plaster shedding. An excellent choice for residential applications.
Minimum dust and noise
With diamond technology, the process comes with vibration-free and low noise. Water in the cutting area cools the diamond blades and prevents concrete dust from clogging the air.
With our help, you can implement the most daring ideas for redevelopment of premises easily, quickly and efficiently. All the declared work will be performed in strict accordance with the plan and your wishes at a high level within a strictly specified time frame in accordance with building codes.
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